What are the system functions of truck fuel consumption monitoring

As we all know, as the proportion of truck fuel consumption in the cost is increasing day by day, the phenomenon of oil spillage is also becoming more and more intense with the rise in oil prices. This has caused great economic losses to many companies, and the traditional management method has a large error. There are many loopholes and they are greatly affected by human factors. They cannot accurately provide actual fuel consumption data and cannot provide effective evidence when there are oil theft or mechanical idle operation. Therefore, strengthening the cost control of fuel consumption and improving the management level of mechanical fuel consumption has become a top priority for corporate cost management. The following Xiao Bian will give you an introduction to the system functions of truck fuel consumption monitoring:

First, the fuel consumption monitoring system features:

1. Long-term data preservation: Vehicle fuel consumption data can be stored for a long time.

2. Data communication: Data reading methods such as RS232 output and U disk data reading or wireless receiving can be set.

3. Oil consumption statistics: It can provide the change of fuel consumption per minute of the vehicle within the query time. It can set the chart and text query method.

4. Vehicle file management: Provides vehicle file data management functions and establishes a vehicle management database for users.

5. Graphical display of changes in the vehicle's fuel volume: Through the PC control software, it can automatically display the change in the oil volume over any period of time and display the oil volume anomaly record.

6. Refueling quantity statistics: The vehicle can provide fuel data within the set period, can query the refueling records at any time, display refueling time, refueling quantity.

7. Calculate the average fuel consumption of the vehicle: You can select the time period, calculate the total fuel consumption during the time, and calculate the average fuel consumption per 100 km (requiring speed sensor in conjunction with the application).

8. Fuel loss: It can provide the abnormal loss time and quantity of fuel during the set period; intelligent analysis of oil level sudden changes, remove the impact of operating conditions such as car bumps, ramps, sharp turns, etc., identify real theft, oil leakage Status, record the specific time and change the amount of oil.

Second, the system features:

1. Data analysis and decision-making: scientific statistical analysis of large amounts of data such as fuel consumption, operating time, and completed project volume of the project construction machinery, providing a strong basis for enterprises to set mechanical fuel consumption quotas, formulate corporate standards, and conduct cost analysis.

2. Improve the level of mechanical management: The information such as the position and working status of the machinery is updated in real time. The project management personnel supervise the on-site mechanical transparency, improve the efficiency of mechanical operations, and reduce the incidence of negative absenteeism. Large-scale acceleration of construction progress by increasing construction efficiency.

3. Cost meticulous management: real-time tracking and positioning of construction machinery, supervision of equipment operation status, supervision of fuel consumption and fuel consumption is reasonable, and comparison of historical lines, status, fuel consumption, operation duration and actual, timely detection of various construction operations Problems, prevent the occurrence of leaking.

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