Jiu Tong Wulian Analysis of German Cold Chain Transport Monitoring Logistics Development Status

As we all know, in Germany, the federal government's department responsible for food safety management is the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. The specific enforcement agencies are the Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection and Food Safety and the Federal Risk Assessment Institute. In terms of food safety and quality inspection, the regulatory function is implemented in the agricultural product market through sound legislation, strict supervision, and severe punishment.

Among them, the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety is responsible for monitoring the cold chain transportation of food safety in all federal states, assisting the federal states to implement national food safety regulations and establishing a unified working system; agricultural cooperatives, food industry associations, retailer associations, etc. Play the role of “supervisor” in the circulation of agricultural products; relevant agencies also routinely inspect vehicles for transportation in the cold chain logistics system. Specific technical requirements for various equipment in the cold chain, including container and tray hygiene Standards, etc.

Germany also established a cold storage and refrigeration logistics business association. This is an economic association organized by cold storage and refrigeration logistics companies. Its members include fresh-keeping logistics service companies, refrigeration industry manufacturers and related commercial companies and suppliers. In addition to providing general services, it also represents members and government agencies at the national and EU level, actively seeking benefits for members and providing energy services to members. Germany has also established a variety of standards, including the soil quality of vegetables, so as to ensure that the whole food cold chain system is under the supervision and management of the country. This ensures food safety. The meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits entering the circulation area are always in a refrigerated environment that meets the product quality requirements from the place of production or processing plant to the sales outlets. In the refrigerated and fresh-keeping warehouse, all air-cooled, the fan under the control of the computer to adjust the temperature. Fresh fruits and vegetables are graded and labeled. In the wholesale market, both vegetables and fresh fish and meat are stored in a well-cooled environment.

At the same time, Germany allocates funds from the fiscal year to subsidize projects for improving the transportation, storage, processing, and sales of agricultural products, including the construction of roads, docks, warehouses (including cold storage) and markets, and other infrastructure; and continuously expands the development of agricultural product logistics technology. Strength, especially preservation technology, refrigerated transportation technology, packaging technology and circulation processing technology, provide technical protection for the smooth circulation of agricultural products.

Well, the status quo of the development of cold chain transport logistics monitoring in Germany is shared today by Long Xiaotong Wulian Xiaobian. Shenzhen Jiutong IOT Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and is a national high-tech enterprise. As a professional oil level sensor manufacturer, the company focuses on providing remote monitoring and management solutions for mobile assets such as logistics equipment in the segmentation of Internet of Things applications, and has become a leading global supplier of mobile asset monitoring and management solutions.

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