Jiu Tong Wulian Analysis of U.S. Cold Chain Transport Monitoring Logistics Development Status

The United States attaches great importance to the supervision and management of food, and basically forms an integrated food quality and safety control system for government supervision, corporate self-discipline, education for all, and supervision by public opinion. In addition, the developed cold chain transportation monitoring and logistics system also provides food quality and safety. Protection. Government supervision is the responsibility of the Food and Drug Administration. Its protection strategy is to take safety measures from the beginning of prevention, implement corporate responsibility, and after identifying risks in the cold chain, special departments inspect preventive measures and intervene. After a problem occurs in the inspection, rapid response is achieved through an effective reaction mechanism.

Due to the high degree of regionalization of agricultural production in the United States, most of the agricultural products are produced by a small number of large-scale farms that are operated by enterprises. The supply to all parts of the country and overseas markets makes the origin markets of agricultural products more concentrated. The number of wholesalers in the wholesale market is small, generally 50-60, but large-scale vegetable and fruit trades organized by large-scale and powerful wholesalers can be a large number of supermarkets, chain stores, small and medium-sized retailers, and foods. Enterprises provide a full range of goods in large quantities. The formation of large-scale production and large-scale circulation of fruits and vegetables in the United States has had a far-reaching impact on the production, circulation, and markets of fruits and vegetables. At present, a complete cold chain logistics system has been formed. Fields are post-harvest pre-cooled, cold-storage-refrigerated, and refrigerated trucks are shipped. Station cold storage a supermarket refrigerator sales a consumer refrigerator storage, the entire logistics link loss rate is only 1% -2%.

Adopt advanced technology and equipment in the entire cold chain transportation monitoring and logistics. The facilities are adequate. For example, the use of air-conditioned storage apples accounts for 80% of the total number of refrigeration, and the cold chain system operates stably. Among the total investment in agriculture, 30% is used for production, 70% for post-harvest processing and preservation, and 3.71 for post-production and harvesting. Perfect cold chain not only ensures the food safety of the whole society, but also raises the level of agricultural industrialization.

The United States has established a vegetable base based on the climate and soil conditions around the country, which specializes in the production of a few of the most suitable vegetables for the country, and has formed a relatively complete national system for the division of vegetable production. The four major groups in the southwest, south-central, southern and northern regions The production of vegetables in the producing areas accounts for about 90% of the total vegetable production in the United States. The vegetable production areas are specialized, which is not only conducive to exerting the advantages of the natural environment in various regions, but also conducive to improving labor productivity. Vegetable farms have also achieved specialization, and the division of labor on vegetable farms has become more and more detailed. Many farms even produce only certain varieties of certain vegetables. The Ministry of Agriculture has also established a livestock traceability system that requires retailers, processors and farmers to do a good job of tracking livestock records in order to establish livestock identification and help consumers understand the birth, breeding and slaughtering processes of livestock.

Well, the status quo of U.S. cold chain transportation monitoring logistics development is shared today by Jiu Xiaotong Wulian Xiaobian. Shenzhen Jiutong IOT Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and is a national high-tech enterprise. As a professional oil level sensor manufacturer, the company focuses on providing remote monitoring and management solutions for mobile assets such as logistics equipment in the segmentation of Internet of Things applications, and has become a leading global supplier of mobile asset monitoring and management solutions.

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