Analysis of the Application of Logistics Electronic Lock in Logistics Distribution

This issue of Jiutong Logistics explains to you the application of logistics electronic locks in logistics and distribution. Let's take a look at the following:

At present, most cargo owners ship through third-party logistics transport vehicles and it is difficult to secure vehicles. It is also not convenient to install their own GPS terminals on trucks. Such cargo owners need an electronic lock that can integrate L terminals and electronic locks. GGR-300 is an electronic lock integrated with GPS, GPRS, and RFID functions. . No need to install, lock the container door to remotely monitor cargo and vehicles.

Some logistics vehicles in the logistics industry have installed GPS terminals and platform systems. Although it can be used as a vehicle location tracking and monitoring, it cannot informatize and strengthen the supervision of cargo safety, resulting in frequent cargo theft. T-91.5RF communication terminal + logistics wireless electronic lock RF-400FE can be easily embedded in the user's existing L terminal and platform, reduce regulatory costs, improve the security of the goods in transit, and can complete the electronic transfer of goods information.

At present, some logistics vehicles have not yet installed GPS terminals and platform systems. It is not transparent and informative in terms of transportation management. The cargo owner’s cargo is not secured; the consignee cannot know about the cargo transportation; the car owner can't prevent the driver from “looting”; the driver can’t know the nearest first-hand freight service: the solution can be effectively solved. The above problem.

If your company is using a PDA with RL functionality, then simply installing a simple application on your PDA will allow you to control RFID electronic locks and allow RFID electronic locks to be quickly and easily embedded into your business systems.

The functional features of the Long-Tong Wulian Logistics Electronic Lock are as follows:

1, using encrypted communication to prevent external malicious attacks and data tampering

2. Recognition distance up to 40 meters Automatic identification and collection without manual intervention

3, 6-8 years of service life Can be used for a long time without changing the battery

4.2.45G Microwave Working Frequency Band High data transmission speed, long distance, low power consumption

5, embedded GPRS module can transmit data in real time, automatic roaming, wide monitoring range, low communication costs

6, a strong application development package Support a variety of logistics monitoring business needs, provide a complete technical solution

7, high temperature flame retardant modified ABS plastic manufacturing weatherproof, shockproof, moisture, and vandalism, can adapt to various changes in gasification

Jiutong Wulian intelligent electronic lock can solve the problem:

Jiutong Wulian's intelligent electronic lock combined with its own management platform system makes the logistics supervision in the logistics industry transparent, informative and intelligent. The status of the lock switch can be monitored in real time; the remote terminal management controls the operation of the electronic lock; the handheld platform, the handheld computer can be opened and the electronic lock can be closed. It solved the problem of the theft by the driver, such as stolen goods, exchange of goods, etc., solved the problem that the cargo of the cargo owner was not secured, and solved the problem that the consignee could not know the transportation status of the cargo.

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