What are the functions of logistics electronic locks?

As we all know, the management of cargoes in trucks and the safety of cargoes in the process of logistics and transportation are the most concerns of cargo owners. Logistics electronic locks are designed to solve the problems of goods transported by trucks and are safely transported to destinations according to schedule, and control cargo security throughout the entire process.

Logistics electronic lock, through the mobile GPRS wireless network system, realizes the continuous real-time monitoring and real-time alarming of the whole process of cargo transportation, enabling the regulatory agencies, transportation companies, and cargo owners and customers to master the flow of goods in real time and ensure the cargo transportation process. Effective supervision, improve the efficiency of customs clearance or inspection, thereby reducing business costs and enhance competitiveness.

Logistics electronic lock system features:

◆ Record alarm records in real time, which is convenient for proof;

◆ System security is good, not easy to open;

◆ Real-time alarm for easy inspection;

◆ System security is good, not easy to forge;

◆ Adaptability and compatibility. Satisfy the customs' requirements for different types of container and container trucks

Logistics electronic lock product features:

◆ Location Information: Station, distance difference within 500 meters

◆ Double lock: Realize physical seal and electronic seal combined management module

◆ Information storage: multiple IC cards can be stored, suitable for multiple sites and more people to use together

◆ Real-time monitoring: Real-time transmission of electronic lock information through GPRS communication

◆ Credit card sealing: It can be sealed by IC card (work card), which is easy to operate

◆ Abnormal alarm: Abnormalities appear in the course of the journey in real-time display on the platform and mobile phone

◆ Dual anti-counterfeiting: Both lock body and IC card read and write methods are encrypted and random codes are added to achieve non-replication

◆ Safe and reliable: Lead alloy and stainless steel high strength, low temperature resistance, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, anti-breakage, corrosion resistance

The GPS positioning electronic lock is a kind of safety detection device installed on the door of a logistics transportation tool such as a container or a van. The mobile communication terminal based on GPS/GPRS/RFID/NFC technology is applicable to various kinds of logistics transportation vehicles. With the platform monitoring system, it can be used for real-time location and real-time lock status remote monitoring and electronic transfer of logistics and transportation. There are many ways to solve the electronic lock for users to choose from, such as the use of IC cards, NFC mobile phones, RFID Reader, SMS, platform remote control. The action of sealing can display and record the electronic lock's sealing time, map position, operator information, lock status information on the platform in real time. It can effectively reduce the risk of transport links and guarantee Transportation safety of goods.

Typical application: It is especially suitable for all kinds of temporary and non-fixed mobile vehicles. It is free to install and hang GPS positioning electronic lock to realize real-time supervision in transit. It is especially suitable for the supervision of goods in the logistics industry.

Logistics electronic lock system features:

◆ High security: Built-in lock rod structure, lock body high-strength alloy production, not easy to destroy, while the use of mechanical and electronic double lock, with mechanical seal, electronic seal double function; to ensure the need for customs supervision, It also guarantees the safety of the carrier's transport of goods.

◆ Precise positioning: Each electronic lock has a unique ID number in the world, and has a good anti-counterfeiting performance. At the same time, it can accurately identify and accurately locate the electronic lock, effectively preventing fraudulent use, misreading and misjudgment.

◆ Auto-seal: With bayonet mount acquisition equipment, automatically collect the lock number, automatically find the background data to confirm whether it is necessary to seal or unseal operation, and automatically detect whether the vehicle arrived safely during transportation, if it is normal, it will be automatically If the seal is unsealed, an alarm signal is issued to alert the customs officer to check.

◆Illegal information processing: The electronic lock can be destroyed or illegally opened in real time to record, record the number of illegal opening, real-time time, while the electronic lock can communicate with the car GPS, real-time alarm signal is sent to the car GPS, GPS collected alarm The signal is sent to the GPS monitoring center along with the current alarm location and alarm time to improve the real-time and accuracy of the audit.

Well, the function of the electronic lock of the logistics is introduced here today. If you want to get more information about the logistics electronic lock and mobile asset monitoring, please contact Jiutong Wulian. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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