What are the functions of fuel consumption monitoring and management system?

The fuel consumption monitoring and management system is a vehicle management system that can accurately monitor the fuel level in the vehicle fuel tank and can detect the height of the fuel at any time and accurately. So what are its features? The following small series of Jiutong Wulian will give you a brief introduction:

1, route management:

A corresponding alarm is given when the accused vehicle deviates from the pre-set prescribed line.

2, real-time monitoring:

Measure the amount of oil in the fuel tank at regular intervals, and upload the oil amount information. The interval time can be set;

3, GPS positioning:

Real-time monitoring of vehicle position and speed;

4, refueling records:

When the refueling ends, it reports the start and end time of refueling and the fuel quantity information;

5, stealing oil records:

When the end of oil stealing, report the start and end time of the oil spill and the oil quantity information;

6. Upload alarm information in the following situations:

Upload oil shortage alarm when oil is low;

When the oil is stolen, the alarm for uploading fuel volume is abnormal;

When the amount of parking oil slowly decreases, the amount of uploaded fuel is suspicious. When the amount of parking oil exceeds a certain limit, the amount of uploaded fuel is abnormally alarmed;

Upload sensor communication error alarm when the sensor is not working properly;

The speed alarm is uploaded when the speed of the vehicle exceeds the limit.

7, Web function (BS architecture)

System-integrated Web GIS technology enables users to check and monitor vehicles in any place connected to the Internet, using IE mode.

8, mileage statistics function:

The system uses the GPRS vehicle terminal's driving record function and the GIS geographic system principle to calculate the mileage of vehicles, and can generate reports and print them.

Shenzhen Jiutong IOT Technology Co., Ltd. fuel consumption monitoring and management system can bring you the following convenience. Let you worry about managing vehicles.

1. Distance measurement can define the distance from point A to point B.

2. Alarm condition: over-speed alarm, zone alarm, vehicle gps power-off alarm, vehicle alarm.

3. Mileage statistics, you can count the history of the history of each car, a report can be printed.

4. Map production: The monitoring center can add the map according to the vehicle's driving route trajectory to custom road or point information.

5. Parking records: Where to stop the car, stop for a long time, when the start stopped, and when to open, you can know, there are reports can be printed.

6. The 24-hour real-time monitoring of the vehicle fuel consumption monitoring system can see the vehicle's current position, driving direction, driving speed, launching and flameout, etc.

7. Track playback: You don't have time to look at the situation of the vehicle in front of the computer all the time. You can wait until you have time to go back to see the history. The playback is the same as the real-time monitoring.

8. Fuel consumption monitoring: The fuel consumption changes can be monitored in real time, and the oil volume change report and oil volume curve in the historical period can be generated. How many times did the vehicle add oil, where did it add oil each time, when it was added, how much oil was added, whether it was used normally, whether it was stolen, how much oil was stolen, and where it was stolen. When the oil is stolen, it can be clearly seen.

Jiutong Wulian Automotive Fuel Consumption Monitoring and Management System makes fleet management more convenient. It can not only monitor the fuel consumption of vehicles in real time through the computer, but also monitor through the mobile phone, allowing you to grasp vehicle information anytime and anywhere. For more information on fuel consumption monitoring and mobile asset monitoring, please contact Jiutong Wulian. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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