What are the capabilities, technologies, and environmental factors of cold chain transportation monitoring?

The capacity, technology, and environmental factors of cold chain transportation monitoring are comprehensive, and the relevant standards in various industries are not uniform. For example, the Food Industry and Commerce Bureau promotes “cold chain” sales management to distribution companies, requiring meat, cooked meat products, and beans. Products, dairy products and other perishable foods will be kept in a low-temperature environment from the factory to the entrance to ensure maximum food quality; the GSP requirements for drugs should be the temperature and humidity conditions during the drug storage process and the temperature during the transport of refrigerated and frozen pharmaceuticals. The condition is automatically monitored and recorded in real time to ensure the quality and safety of the drug. Xiao Bian sums up three factors for everyone. Let's take a look at the following:

1. Cold chain logistics capacity factors

Cold chain logistics needs cold storage, freezer, refrigerated vehicles and other hardware facilities and equipment, as well as covering the complete cold chain logistics network upstream or downstream logistics or cold chain logistics system. Cold chain logistics continuity characteristics, orderly connection between network nodes appear It is particularly important that the ability of the cold chain logistics network determines the quality of the cold chain logistics.

2. Cold chain logistics technology factors

Refrigeration technology, fresh-keeping technology, refrigerated transport, and storage facilities and equipment technologies, to a large extent, determine or influence the efficiency and service quality of cold-chain logistics operations. Development and application of energy-saving and efficient refrigerated transport and maintenance facilities and equipment, modern technologies The use of information technology in the field of cold-chain logistics is an important factor in improving the level of logistics technology and thus improving the operation and service level of cold-chain logistics.

3. Policy environment factors

At present, the development of cold-chain logistics has been highly valued by the government. In 2013, the Central No. 1 document stated: “To develop cold storage, packaging, and electronic settlement of agricultural products, and to improve cold chain logistics covering the collection, processing, transportation and sales of agricultural products. System.” Policy-level factors such as the construction of cold-chain logistics facilities, the adoption of new technologies, and the green access to cold-chain logistics operations will also directly affect the development speed and operational quality of cold-chain logistics.

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