Cold chain transport monitoring demand factors

What are the requirements for cold chain transportation monitoring? In this issue of the article, Jiutong Wulian’s Xiaobian gave you an introduction:

The demand for cold chain transportation monitoring mainly comes from production, circulation and living consumption. As mentioned before, with the increase in the degree of "freshness" of foods, especially fresh foods, the importance attached to the taste and nutritional value of foods, and the quest for convenience of foods, the use of low-temperature environments in production and distribution is completed. The demand for cold chain logistics such as the transportation, storage, and processing of foods continues to grow. The consumption scale of low-temperature foods is closely related to the purchasing power of consumers. In general, raw foods that use cold-chain logistics have higher prices due to higher logistics and processing costs, and consume more in high-income groups. For example, Beijing's per capita GDP is 2.5 times higher than the national average. Therefore, the demand for cold chain logistics is far greater than the national average.

At present, food supermarkets generally use air-conditioned shelves and freezers to store fruits and vegetables, dairy products, beverages, and frozen processed foods, meat products, etc. Wholesale distribution links use cold storage to store low-cut foods, and transport links use cold-storage vehicles to transport low-temperature foods.

In addition to the need for cold chain transportation monitoring during the operation, storage, and processing of low-temperature foods, some non-cryogenic foods also require a low-temperature environment for the transportation and storage of raw materials and semi-finished products during production and processing. For example, a hamburger does not belong to a low-temperature food when it is delivered to consumers. However, the storage and transportation of raw materials and semi-finished products of Hangu Group during production and processing need to be performed in a cold chain environment.

In the consumer market, cold chain delivery of fresh food packages will also increase with the escalation of service demand. In Europe, America, Japan and other countries, cold chain express delivery of fresh foods has become quite common.

The factors of cold chain transportation monitoring demand factors are introduced here today. If you want to know more about cold chain monitoring, container remote monitoring, and cargo temperature monitoring, please contact Shenzhen Jiutong IOT Technology Co., Ltd. Will be happy to serve you!

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