Cold chain transport monitoring operating principles

In this issue of the article, we will give you a brief analysis of the operating principles of cold chain transportation monitoring.

As we all know, the core of the entire cold chain transport monitoring is to maintain a low temperature environment to ensure the safety and quality of fresh food. Compared with the conventional logistics system, cold chain transportation monitoring has its own characteristics. In the operation process, we must follow the following principles. Let's take a look at the following:

First, the 3P principle. Product quality, Process, and Pack-age. Requires good quality of raw materials, high processing quality, and packaging conforms to the characteristics of the goods. This is the fundamental quality control of the early quality discs when the goods enter the cold chain.

Second, the 3C principle. Throughout the processing and distribution process, the product's protection, cleanness, and low temperature environment are the basic conditions for ensuring the product's "circulation quality."

Third. The 3T principle. That is the final quality of the logistics depends on the temperature of the cold chain (Temperature), circulation time (Time) and the product's own storage (Tolerance). Refrigerated goods in the circulation process with the temperature and time changes With changes, different products must have corresponding temperature control and storage time.

Fourth, the 3Q principle is the quantity coordination of equipment in the cold chain, the quality standard of the equipment and the rapid operation organization (Quick). The coordination capacity of the number of cold chain equipment and quality standards can guarantee the total amount of goods. It is in an adaptable environment and can improve the utilization of various equipment. The rapid job organization refers to the production process of the processing department, the cargo organization of the operator, the vehicle preparation and transit service of the transportation department, and the connection of the replacement operation.

Fifth, the 3M principle. Means, methods and management measures. The storage and transportation tools used in the cold chain and the preservation method should be suitable for the characteristics of the food and ensure economical and optimal Fresh effect.

The above is the answer given by Jiu Tong Wulian. For more information on cold chain transportation monitoring, mobile asset monitoring, refrigerated truck temperature monitoring, and cargo temperature monitoring, please contact us through Jiu Tong Wu Lian.

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