Cold chain transport monitoring category how to distinguish

Cold chain transport monitoring is an integral part of the logistics industry and it is inseparable. How can the cold chain transport monitoring category be differentiated? The following small series of long-term material for everyone to introduce:

1. Divided by temperature applicable range

According to the temperature from low to high, cold chain logistics is usually divided into ultra-low temperature logistics, frozen logistics, ice temperature logistics, refrigeration logistics, constant temperature logistics five types.

(1) The applicable temperature range of ultra-low temperature logistics is generally below 50°C.

(2) The applicable temperature range of frozen logistics is generally below 18°C.

(3) The applicable temperature range of the ice-temperature stream is generally within a range of 2 °C to +2 °C.

(4) Refrigeration logistics applicable temperature range is generally required in OIC-7t.

(5) The applicable temperature range of the constant temperature logistics is generally 15 t-20 °C.

2. According to the target product category

According to the object product category, it can usually be divided into:

(1) Meat and meat products cold chain logistics;

(2) Cold-chain logistics of aquatic products and their products;

(3) Cold chain logistics of poultry eggs and their products;

(4) cold chain logistics of fruit and vegetable products;

(5) Milk and dairy cold-chain logistics;

(6) Cold chain logistics for pastries and pods;

(7) Grease product cold chain logistics;

(8) Frozen Food Cold Chain Logistics:

(9) Frozen drinks cold chain logistics;

(10) Pharmaceutical cold chain logistics.

3 divided by cold chain logistics links or areas

(1) Production and processing of cold chain logistics;

(2) Wholesale (market) cold chain sales logistics;

(3) retail (store) cold chain sales logistics;

(4) Cold chain transportation, discovery, distribution (trunk, terminal);

(5) Cold chain storage (cold storage).

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