The three concepts of cold chain monitoring do you know how much

In this issue of the article, Jiutong Wulian's Xiaobian followed by the three concepts of cold chain monitoring mentioned in the previous issue to share with everyone. In order to further clarify the concept of cold chain, this article will subdivide the cold chain monitoring into The three concepts, cold chain logistics activities, cold chain logistics systems, and cold chain logistics management, are described separately. Let's take a look at the following:

1. Cold chain logistics management

Planning and design of cold chain logistics management: In accordance with the requirements of logistics integration, planning and designing and optimizing a series of cold chain logistics system activities.

Cold chain logistics management at the organizational and coordination level: The process of monitoring, controlling, and coordinating the low-temperature environment, logistics operations, and the convergence of upstream and downstream links in the cold chain logistics process.

2. Cold chain logistics system

The purpose of pseudo-cold-chain logistics is to combine the low-temperature storage and transportation equipment with the low-temperature storage and transportation technology and management methods. The upstream and downstream links are organically linked to effectively complete the storage of cold chain logistics products such as perishable foods and pharmaceuticals. Yun-yu and other logistics activities supply and fall protection system.

3. Cold chain logistics activities

The production of perishable foods (fresh and frozen foods) and medicines, which are completed under the specified low-temperature environment (including temperature, humidity, ventilation, hygienic environment, etc.), from the production and processing to the distribution, retailing, packing and handling , storage, transportation, distribution processing and other series of activities.

In short, cold chain monitoring refers to the control of various raw and fresh foods in the entire process of production, transportation, sales, and storage. The temperature is controlled within the range of 0°C to 4°C to maximize the freshness of foods. Taste, the generalized cold chain refers to this process and the general term of the equipment that implements this process. The first to introduce the cold chain concept is the food industry, but it is now applied in many fields such as medicine and aerospace.

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