Development Prospect of Cold Chain Transport Monitoring in China

With the new round of national policy adjustments, the changes in the economic environment and the continuous deepening of market reforms, the development of China's cold chain logistics industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. And in a number of documents, it proposed to improve the cold chain logistics system for agricultural products, support the requirements for the construction of cold chain logistics infrastructure, and supervise the rapid improvement of the cold chain logistics industry. Here we take a look:

1. Industry consolidation becomes normal

Industry players are beginning to realize that the pressure of a single battle is increasing and industry consolidation has begun.

2. Fresh e-commerce companies promote the development of specialty agricultural products

More and more high-quality agricultural products of origin have entered millions of households through e-commerce. The development of fresh e-commerce will bring new opportunities and challenges for cold chain logistics companies.

3. Food industry leader continues to increase cold chain investment

In order to ensure food safety and brand influence, there will be more food leaders involved in the cold chain logistics industry, including frozen storage, cold chain transport, farmer's wholesale, e-commerce and many other businesses.

4. Focus on subdivided areas to enhance the company's core service capabilities

Cold-chain logistics companies should regard the end-market demand of consumers as the core driving force for their own development, hard work, solid foundations, and lack of improvement, and continuously strengthen their service capabilities in such areas as catering, retail, pharmaceuticals, fresh delivery, and zero-million-dollar segments. • Regional enterprises should not blindly develop across regions. They should extend their service chains in their own regions to create regional competitiveness.

5. The Internet will lead the industry transformation

With the advent of the 4G era, we must pay more attention to the mobile Internet. Relying on the Internet of Things, cloud computing, smart logistics and other new technical information means, the development of the cold chain logistics industry "speed." Relying on the Internet, traditional logistics has been undergoing changes, and new types of logistics companies such as Cardwalk and Aneng have emerged.

6. Part of the Cold Chain Logistics Enterprises' Transition to Supply Chain Enterprises

In 2013, Zhongpin established "Henan Xianyi Temperature Control Supply Chain Co., Ltd." by integrating internal and external resources. Lenovo’s revenue-generating supply chain plans to use the cold storage and wholesale markets as the starting point in the next 3-5 years to build 8-10 logistics bases nationwide. At the beginning of 2014, China Merchants Group set up a merchant food supply chain. Cold chain supply chain transformation speeds up.

7. The government guides the construction of cold chain facilities and systems

In 2014, the government introduced a number of policies to promote the development of cold chain logistics at the place of production and sales, and local governments also introduced policies to support local cold chain logistics, encouraged and supported the construction of leading cold chain corporate facilities, and improved the construction of local cold chain systems. On the one hand, cold-chain logistics enterprises should seize the opportunity of policies, strive for policies and financial support, improve the cold-chain service system, and on the other hand, strengthen early-stage market research and customer demand analysis to reduce blind investment.

Extend the picture: In accordance with the needs of the market, the national drug regulatory authority imposes GSP certification on pharmaceutical production and process companies, requiring accurate and real-time monitoring of the temperature and humidity of remote drug monitoring, and effective management. The company's independently designed pharmaceutical cold chain transport monitoring system is an open positioning and supervision integrated pharmaceutical cold chain remote monitoring system integrating GPS/temperature and humidity monitoring technology, electronic maps and wireless transmission technology, which can achieve effective refrigerated truck resources. Tracking and positioning management, equipped with accurate temperature and humidity sensors, forms a real-time sensing wireless sensor network, and provides real-time temperature and humidity data monitoring and alarm services for traceability.

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