What are the social benefits of cold chain transportation monitoring?

As an authoritative cold chain transport monitoring company, Jiutong Wulian will give you a brief analysis of the social benefits of cold chain transport monitoring in this article. There are three points. Let's take a look at :

1. Cold chain transportation is a logistical guarantee for urbanization

Only cold chain transportation monitoring can provide food safety for the urban population. As the size of the city increases, commercialization, housing, and industrialization of the land around the city, perishable food and vegetable production bases are increasingly moving away from cities and population centers. This means that the supply chain will become increasingly distanced. Therefore, perishable foods will become more and more dependent on modern logistics.

2. Cold chain transportation monitoring can ensure the safety of agricultural products, reduce the loss of agricultural products, and promote agricultural industrialization

In recent years, the supply of agricultural products has become more and more abundant, but the safety of agricultural products has received more and more attention, such as agricultural rot and mildew, over-fertilizer, secondary pollution in the circulation process, use of chemical stimulating agents, etc. Cold chain logistics can Effectively control the proliferation of harmful microorganisms and bacteria, so that the quality of agricultural products can be effectively guaranteed during the shelf life. Experiments have shown that for every 6t increase in temperature, bacteria multiply twice. Therefore, to reduce the loss of agricultural products, ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, and increase the added value of agricultural products, the construction of agricultural products cold chain system must be used as the basic guarantee. Industry survey data show that China's entire cold chain links are not matched, and over 80% of agricultural products are still at room temperature or Circulation under the "cold-cooled chain" has directly caused the loss rate of China's agricultural product circulation to be much higher than that of developed countries. Industry survey data show that the cold chain circulation rate of fruits and vegetables in China is only about 10%, causing the loss rate of fruits and vegetables as high as 30%. If the loss rate of fruits and vegetables is reduced to 5%, it can reduce more than 100 billion yuan annually, or it can save 100 million mu of cultivated land and provide 180 million people a year of rations.

3. Cold chain transportation monitoring can improve the quality and added value of agricultural products and increase farmers' income

When rich farmers are rich in the country, the key to building a new countryside is to increase farmers' income. Cold chain transportation can increase farmers' income from the following three aspects: First, reduce the loss of agricultural products. “Fresh and live” is the life or value of agricultural products, but fresh agricultural products have high moisture content, short shelf life, and are extremely susceptible to rot and deterioration. The professional distribution and transportation of third-party logistics can speed up the flow of agricultural products, effectively shorten the time between the output and consumption of agricultural products, enable agricultural products to enter the consumption phase as soon as possible, and greatly reduce the losses caused by deterioration and deterioration of agricultural products. The second is to promote the value-added of agricultural products processing. In Western Europe, farmers add different people's cooperatives and consumer cooperatives to farmers based on their own product shares.

It is not only the commitment of agricultural products prices, but also the remuneration that should be paid after consumption cooperatives' logistics value-added services. Therefore, experts believe that we must create a mechanism to create an organizational form that allows farmers to obtain a portion of value-added profits. The vast majority of our country's agricultural products are sold in the form of original natural products, or simply sold after simple primary processing. This type of sales greatly limits the value added of agricultural products. The logistics outsourcing service provider emphasizes the concept of service, uses the electronic network as a platform, timely and accurately obtains information from the supply and demand sides, adjusts distribution plans, finely adjusts seasonal and regional issues, integrates agricultural product processing industry resources, and creates additional processing value. Greatly expanded the income of farmers. The third is to increase employment of peasants. There is a large amount of surplus labor in rural areas, especially since the 2008 financial crisis. Unemployment and recessive unemployment are serious. The development of logistics outsourcing is conducive to the formation of a new social division of labor in rural areas, and will encourage more people to participate in the logistics links such as agricultural product processing, packaging, transportation, and storage, which will help open up new employment opportunities such as maintenance and market research. In addition, the degree of specialization of third-party logistics will also indirectly promote the improvement of the cultural quality of the employed farmers. The solution of the problem of surplus rural labor can not only effectively increase the income of farmers, but also contribute to the stability of rural society.

(This article by Jiutong Wulian Science and Technology, reproduced must indicate the source: http://www.jointcontrols.cn/ Please cherish the labor of others)

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