Cold chain transportation monitoring changes people''s lifestyle

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s consumption concepts are developing in a diversified and rapid manner. The demand for fresh products such as fresh fruits and vegetables and milk has been increasing year by year. Cold chain transportation monitoring is the guarantee of this demand. Let's take a look at how cold-chain transportation monitoring changes people's lifestyles:

Since 2014, the cold chain transportation monitoring industry has become very lively because of the introduction of e-commerce giants — Tmall,,, SF Express and other companies have announced or have already invested heavily in cold chain logistics. The development of cold chain logistics has also benefited consumers. With a click of the mouse, fresh foods from all over the country can be delivered to households. With the gradual improvement of the cold chain logistics network, the continuous innovation of cold chain logistics technology has directly led to the cross-regional circulation and anti-season sales of fresh agricultural products and processed foods in China, which has enabled consumers to increasingly diversify the types of food on the table.

1. Cold chain transportation monitoring enables food quality to be maintained and improved

Fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits, meat and aquatic products, processed foods, etc., need to be kept at a low temperature to maximize the freshness, color, flavor, and nutrition of natural foods. Cold chain transportation monitoring is to maintain food. Quality "behind the scenes". According to practitioners of cold-chain logistics, “Experiments have been made abroad. When the fruits and vegetables are stored for the same five days, the chlorophyll, sugar, carotene, vitamins and other nutrients stored at room temperature are only about 25% of the cold-chain condition”. Practice has also proved that cold chain logistics is an effective and economical means to maintain the quality of perishable foods. Cold chain logistics creates suitable temperature conditions for the production and distribution of perishable foods. It can maintain the higher sensory quality of perishables, and can also maintain its nutrient components better and longer, effectively controlling the microorganisms that affect the quality of foods in circulation. Growth rate.

2. Change of cold chain transportation monitoring to our lives

"Cold-chain transport monitoring" as a new logistics industry emerging in China, is accompanied by the development of emerging commercial enterprises such as fresh supermarkets and fresh e-commerce, gradually deepening people's lives and changing more and more consumer groups. Lifestyle. For example, young people nowadays prefer to go to the supermarket to buy food. More and more consumers are abandoning the general frozen meat in the market, “hot meat,” and instead choose the more expensive “cold meat” in supermarkets. More and more office workers are keen to purchase fresh foods with cold chain protection through fresh e-commerce channels. This kind of consumption trend is one of the reasons. The most critical reason is the processing, distribution and freezing of cold chain logistics. The safety factor of these foods is very high under the protection of series and preservation of fresh foods. In some developed countries, people are very familiar with the cold chain system of food, and the majority of consumers in our country need a process of cognizing cold chain food. Therefore, with the gradual improvement of the cold-chain logistics system and consumers’ deep understanding of cold-chain logistics, consumers will surely have a new way of life, placing more “frozen food” on the table and cold-chain logistics. Will change people's lifestyle more profoundly.

Above is the introduction of cold chain transportation monitoring to change people's lifestyle. All the cold chain transportation related information is welcome to contact Jiutong Wulian. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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