Cold chain transport monitoring makes fresh foods and medicines safer

We all know that “people take food as their food and food and security as their first priority.” With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demands for food safety and quality are getting higher and higher. The government also attaches great importance to food safety issues. Various laws, regulations and standards have been enacted to regulate the food market.

However, China's food quality and safety are not optimistic, and agricultural safety incidents triggered by the quality of cold chain logistics services have occurred in recent years. The cold-chain logistics service safety news of a certain dairy industry in Shanghai caused by the endless cold chain response to the “slugging door” incident, a well-known food company “naked”, and very sensitive “fresh meat” incidents are frequently reported.

In 2017, the "broken cold chain" program planned and produced by CCTV Financial Channel carried out in-depth reports on the large number of problems existing in the domestic cold chain market. It also gave us a wake-up call for the safety of cold chain logistics services. The majority of consumers and governments have noticeably increased their attention to the safety of cold chain logistics services.

Perishable foods contain a large number of microorganisms and are easily degenerated and rot at room temperature, which is a major cause of food safety hazards. Studies have shown that the key to controlling food safety and the quality of food in the circulation is to control the growth rate of microorganisms and control the growth rate of microorganisms. The most critical factor is the control of temperature. Cold chain logistics can make meat, poultry, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, eggs and processed foods harvested from the place of production, and is always in a proper position in product processing, storage, transportation, distribution and retailing. Under the low temperature control environment, the product quality and quality are guaranteed to be the most safe, the loss is reduced, and the pollution is prevented.

  In short, through cold chain logistics, fruits, vegetables, and poultry can be quickly, freshly, safely delivered to consumers. Cold chain transportation monitoring makes fresh foods and medicines safer and guarantees satisfaction to consumers!

(This article by Jiutong Wulian Science and Technology, reproduced must indicate the source: Please cherish the labor of others)

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