Cold chain logistics and life

In this issue of the article, Jiutong Wulian Xiaobian gives everyone an analysis of the relationship between cold chain logistics and life, social economy, in order to deepen the readers' understanding of cold chain logistics, combined with the current status and characteristics of cold chain logistics industry development, Explain the opportunities and challenges facing the development of cold chain logistics. Here we take a look:

As we all know, raw primary agricultural products, meat products, dairy products, frozen foods, vaccines, and blood products... These foods and medicines that play an important role in people’s daily lives have a common feature. Consumption of the entire product life cycle requires full cold chain logistics to ensure food freshness and safety.

Fresh products from the north to the south relied on the whole process of cold chain, which spanned the gap between time and geography and began to circulate throughout the country and even the whole world. This allowed consumers to have a brand new experience and benefited farmers and enterprises.

Imagine that foods such as meat and aquatic products that are not protected by cold chain logistics will cause the presence of these foods or bacteria and viruses that exist in the environment in which these foods are produced and circulated to reproduce at appropriate temperatures and cause human health problems. What is the impact? What are the consequences of the use of vaccines and medicines that are lacking in the cold chain during the entire process? Cold chain logistics, as a new type of logistics industry, is closely related to people's lives and is used in the production and circulation of fresh products. It plays an extremely important role.

China has a huge population, and the consumption of fresh agricultural products and processed foods is large. Without a sound cold chain logistics system, people’s health and life safety cannot be guaranteed, and improvement of the quality of life will not be possible. In recent years, from the perspective of food and drug safety, the state has continuously issued favorable policies for cold chain logistics, creating a favorable external policy environment for the development of cold chain logistics.

At the same time, the rapid growth of fresh e-commerce and fresh supermarket chains has also stimulated companies to focus on and invest in cold-chain logistics, which has helped boost the rapid growth of the cold-chain logistics market. However, we should soberly realize that the general consumer awareness of cold-chain logistics needs to be improved, and there is still room for improvement in the operation level of corporate cold-chain logistics. The operation mode of cold-chain logistics needs continuous innovation. Therefore, an accurate understanding of the connotation of cold-chain logistics, deep understanding of the cold chain and our lives and the internal economic development of the internal link, to promote the development of the industry is of great significance.

(This article by Jiutong Wulian Science and Technology, reproduced must indicate the source: Please cherish the labor of others)

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