Details RFID Container Transportation Management System

With the rapid development of international trade, the issuance and promotion of container RFID transport management systems will help accelerate the development of low-cost, safe, reliable and easy-to-use container electronic devices, and will play a positive role in enhancing the international container safe transportation level. The proportion of “containerization” in global transportation has been continuously increasing. Especially in international trade, container transportation has become a major mode of transportation. The developed countries’ maritime cargo transportation has basically realized containerization. Today, Longcom has provided a detailed description of the RFID container transportation management system.

First, the system consists of:

Card Issuer, UHF RFID Reader, Ceramic Tag, Antenna, Surveillance System

Second, the system workflow

1, packing point of shipment: material information input and inquiry.

2, vibration monitoring: to achieve safe monitoring of fragile goods.

3, designated warehouse search, to achieve safe and accurate material unloading.

4. Checking at the way-on-the-spot: read and check the current information, status and container information of the material.

5, temperature and humidity monitoring: real-time monitoring of the internal temperature and humidity of the container.

6. Abnormal event alarm: It can prevent and alarm the unauthorized opening and closing of doors and illegal moving events.

7. Door and door switch monitoring: including mechanical monitoring and light-sensitive monitoring, to achieve safe monitoring of the box during the transportation process.

8. Container extraction and placement: After the system is extracted and transported to the stacking location, the station is then assigned to a suitable location and data is entered in real time.

Third, system advantages

1, to achieve effective integration of business.

2, to achieve a high degree of information sharing.

3, eliminate the container wrong box, missing the box phenomenon.

4, automatic and rapid collection of information, the entire process without human participation.

5. Solve the problems of human error and information exchange that are not timely.

6, to achieve a reasonable allocation of resources and optimization.

Life needs continuous improvement and constant breakthroughs. Jiutong Wulian is also very clear about this point. We want to provide a better solution for container transportation monitoring and management. Therefore, LongTong Wulian will continue to make breakthroughs and strive to become The world's leading provider of mobile asset monitoring and management solutions.

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