Analysis of Commercial Vehicle Dispatching Management System

In recent years, with the rapid development of commercial vehicle dispatch management, the concrete industry has ushered in a stronger growth trend. There are many brands of commercial vehicle dispatch management systems in the market, and more and more companies are vigorously developing product technologies. As a powerful function of the commercial vehicle dispatch management system, Jiutong Wulian is relying on its own international technology R&D strength to continuously advance on the road of independent innovation and technological development. The following Xiaobian gives an overview of the vehicle scheduling Management system, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

The commercial vehicle dispatching management system is specially developed for the concrete industry and is different from the ordinary GPS and can realize various functions that cannot be achieved by the GPS. The commercial vehicle dispatch management vehicle information integrated management system is based on the actual needs and characteristics of the current concrete production and transportation, and can seamlessly connect with the mixing station industrial control system and the concrete ERP. Based on the management of concrete transportation processes and the integrated management of vehicle information, advanced management concepts such as mobile applications have been incorporated, and technologies such as GPS global satellite positioning technology, GPRS mobile communication technology, GIS geographic information technology, network communication and data processing technologies have been developed.

The system perfectly integrates the concrete transportation process with the dynamic information of transportation operations, providing users with capacity management, intelligent dispatch management, security management, fuel consumption management, customer management, business management, engineering transportation management, real-time monitoring management, discharge monitoring, cost management , operating statistics, network search vehicles, wireless communications, information navigation and other integrated information management and services.

Based on the location service platform, Shanghao Vehicle Intelligent Dispatch Management System is aimed at an industry application product (ie, Internet+industry application system-commercial vehicle intelligent dispatch product) developed by a commercial enterprise, and the system is currently entering the national market for rapid promotion and development. . The system consists of seven modules: file management, contract management, area management, task list management, scheduling management, positioning monitoring, and statistical reports.

I. Introduction to the functions of the commercial vehicle dispatching client

The intelligent dispatch of commercial vehicles is not only a professional GPS system, but also a tailor-made professional system for the concrete industry.

1. File Management: The Archive Center is the place for information storage. It includes three modules: vehicle files, driver files, and customer files.

2. Statistical reports: Statistics on production reports and fuel consumption of vehicles. Including: transport schedules, transportation statistics, time/fuel consumption reports, refueling reports, monthly mileage reports, speeding reports, etc.

3. Contract Management: Contracts are important information for the trades and trades. A new construction site starts with a new customer. Through it, a new production order can be executed. With this, vehicles can be dispatched.

4. Positioning monitoring: Bit monitoring is the basic entry for GPS applications. The intelligent dispatch of commercial vehicles optimized the map interface and interface and brought a new Street View map. Realize the functions of "drawing and taking construction sites", "track playback" and "vehicle status inquiry" in the trades.

5. Task list management: The task list is an important means of interaction between the dispatcher and the driver of the trade and industry. After the salesman creates the task list, it is directly synchronized to the dispatcher's computer. The driver can receive the task list from the dispatcher and can load the material. Issued. The “smart scheduling” task list management makes information acquisition easier and more reliable.

6. Dispatch management: According to the real-time dynamic information management of vehicles and materials (position information, mission information, current operating status, vehicle dynamics information such as the number of vehicles at the site and in place status), combined with maps, scientific and reasonable scheduling, to meet more The demand for many site tasks minimizes the occurrence of load breaking at the construction site.

The long-term TMT bus dispatching management system uses GPS/Beidou satellite positioning technology, GPRS mobile communication technology, GIS geographic information technology, network communication and data processing technology. The linear simulation shows that the position status of the vehicles on the road has been assigned to each site, and the conditions of the vehicles at the site can be arbitrarily dispatched between the substations. Feeding the entire process management: dispatch time, transport time, site stay time, to be unloading time, unloading time return time, at a glance. Jiutong Wulian is the only professional system in China that collects sensors, intelligent transmission, and monitoring management platforms with independent intellectual property rights.

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