Jiutong Wulian Sharing: Standards and Influencing Factors in Cold Chain Storage Environment

As we all know, in a globalized modern society, it is easy to transport goods from one place to another, but with the influence of temperature, humidity and other environments, the goods will undergo a qualitative change. To this end, Jiutong Wulian Xiaobian to share with you: the cold chain storage environment standards and influencing factors.

First, cold chain storage unitization and standardization

The cold chain storage system mainly includes trays and other unit appliances, various types of shelves, handling equipment, temperature and humidity monitoring systems, and management information systems. Specification of the loading unit and integrated unit of cold chain storage, including the packaging unit size, pallet size and other supporting facilities of the shelf, is the basis for determining the entire cold chain standard.

Cold chain storage has high requirements for storage equipment and storage environment. When planning and designing the cold chain storage system, the non-standardization and customization of the loading unit and integrated unit of cold chain storage are directly linked to all the cold chain docking facilities. Technical size is one of the basic technical data sources for the design and planning of cold chain storage facilities. It directly affects the establishment of storage system solutions, planning and design optimization, storage equipment storage capacity and the operating efficiency of the handling equipment, and is also detrimental to third parties. Warehouse management and operation services between cold chain companies. Therefore, to realize the unitization and standardization of cold chain storage, through the optimal allocation of resources, the cold chain storage system can provide customers with satisfactory services while reducing the total cost of the logistics system and obtain the best economic benefits.

Second, the control elements of the cold chain storage environment

The control elements in the cold chain storage environment include product characteristics, cold chain storage equipment, processing technology, and job management.

1. The control factors of human conditions include: management mode, express delivery operations, and care for food.

2. The control elements of processing conditions include: the level of cold chain storage, the packaging conditions, and the degree of hygiene.

3. The control elements of cold chain storage equipment include the quantity and quality of cold chain storage equipment, its layout and control management mode in the warehouse, temperature and humidity monitoring system and management and operation platform, low temperature environment, and fresh storage and transportation tools. Choose suitable cold chain storage equipment for refrigeration and freezing methods and processes to ensure that the cold chain storage environment meets the requirements of ambient temperature, humidity, gas composition, and hygiene.

4. Factors affecting the effect of refrigeration or freezing include: biochemical characteristics of storage items, cooling methods and refrigeration process conditions, etc., such as the use of artificial adjustment of the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the cold chain storage environment to slow down the physiological effects of fresh products and The speed of biochemical reactions extends the shelf life of stored items. Among them, some factors influence each other, for example, the condition of the cold chain storage equipment has a direct impact on the treatment process, management, and operation process.

5. The control elements of product characteristics include raw material quality and storage resistance. Different raw material storage temperature conditions, cooling methods and unit packaging requirements will be different. The quality change of refrigerated products mainly depends on the controllable temperature range of the thermometer, the influence of the temperature of the stored items, and even the temperature gradient between the surface temperature of the stored items and the intrinsic temperature. There is information that the quality of food exposed to room temperature for one hour may be equivalent to the loss of quality stored at -20°C for six months.

Nine-thousands-linked cold chain monitoring solution is a set of software and hardware combined monitoring system, which reads the temperature and humidity data acquisition module, electrical monitoring module, data transfer gateway module and cloud service system (access to third-party management platform) Such as the composition of the wireless sensor network. The system provides continuous, real-time monitoring of cold chain data and equipment operating conditions, without destroying the user's equipment. It only needs to place the collector in the monitoring environment. The user can grasp the temperature change and equipment operating status of the product in real time and meet the requirements. GSP specification.

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