Fuel Consumption Monitoring Features and Functions

Vehicle fuel consumption monitoring refers to the real-time monitoring of fuel consumption while the vehicle engine is running. In particular, in order to monitor the fuel consumption of vehicles in logistics companies and solve the problem of abnormal fuel consumption, companies can only rely on traditional manual experience management because accurate fuel consumption data cannot be obtained when the vehicle is stopped. However, there are many drawbacks and loopholes in management. Some bad drivers have become an opportunity to cheat in fuel, leading to increased transportation costs and corporate profits. Then when the company encounters this situation, it needs to use the vehicle fuel consumption monitoring system. In this article, Jiutong Wulian Xiaobian will briefly introduce the features and functions of vehicle fuel consumption monitoring. Here we look:

First, the characteristics of vehicle fuel consumption monitoring

The error is very small - the error is less than 5/1000, and the performance is stable and reliable

Easy to install - Easy to connect, self-install according to user manual.

New Technology - The first patented product for "Refuelling Measurement Technology".

Accuracy - The reading accuracy is 1 ml or 0.1 ml to meet the small flow requirement.

Second, vehicle fuel consumption monitoring

Suspected oil was stolen after the alarm occurred - when any form of suspicious oil theft was discovered (including stolen oil from the return pipe and stolen oil from the fuel tank). Alert information can be issued in a timely manner to remind you to consider the quantity, timing, location and method of oil. The discovery of oil does not exist.

Data acquisition and recording - through integrated sensors and GPS modules. Comprehensive monitoring of vehicles within its jurisdiction. Including tracking advance, vehicle speed, instantaneous fuel consumption, cumulative fuel consumption, fuel tank oil and so on. Car display, remote display and store and call the operating data.

Remote Control and Management - Built-in GPRS module. With an independently developed information management platform, real-time transmission of collected data can be achieved. The monitoring, management and statistics of vehicle and fleet fuel information can be implemented at the desk. Management reports can be published daily, weekly, and monthly.

Others can customize the corresponding function according to the needs of the user.


1. Please pay attention to the waterproof of electronic products.

3. When the vehicle is in an underground parking lot, tunnel or garage, the positioning signal will be affected, and the blind signal area of the communication network may cause the device to be unable to monitor: When the vehicle leaves the above area, the device will automatically resume normal operation.

2. When the ambient temperature exceeds the terminal's normal operating temperature range, it is recommended to turn off the power.

4. If abnormal conditions occur, do not repair it yourself. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by the connection between non-original accessories or unplugged components.

The fuel consumption monitoring and management system for Jiutong Vehicles can solve the problems of users stealing oil, enhancing driving behavior of drivers, raising the basic fuel consumption management level, and strengthening the fuel consumption management system.

The above is the contents of the features of the fuel consumption monitoring system for vehicles in the nine-to-fifth series. I believe that after reading the above, everyone will have a systematic understanding of the fuel consumption monitoring of the vehicle. Jiutong Wulian thanked everyone for coming all the way. Accompany more fuel consumption monitoring products Related information Welcome to contact us at 400-183-0755.

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