What is the application field of long-term communication intelligent electronic lock?

JiuTongLian has a product, JT701, which is a high-tech logistics monitoring electronic device. It is also an intelligent tracking lock for managing mobile assets. It has a keyless design, RFID/remote unlocking, and a built-in wireless module. Real-time online monitoring; large-capacity battery, long working hours; built-in GPS module, global positioning tracking; security monitoring, illegal unlock alarm and other functions. What are its application areas? The technical personnel of the following long-term IOT manufacturers will introduce to you:

I. Applicable and Logistics Information Supervision

This program is mainly used for general logistics, express logistics, and third-party transportation mode supervision. It uses a GPS electronic lock to lock the rear door, left and right doors of a van or container vehicle, and uses a preset seal card at the starting point of departure ( The NFC, Miframe one, etc. cards are sealed and the supervision work is completed (it is also possible to use the mobile phone NFC for unblocking solutions). The GPS electronic lock constantly sends GPS information and electronic lock switch status to the platform while the vehicle is in motion, allowing the owner and the team to Managers and receiving parties can learn about cargo information from the platform. When the vehicle arrives at the destination, the consignee can pre-set the unblocking card for unsealing and then open the electronic lock. If the alarm requires the back office manager to confirm and view the process.

Second, drug logistics and distribution supervision platform, cold chain logistics supply chain management platform

The real-time temperature-displaying medicine incubator is specially used for medicine distribution. The temperature of the cold chain is displayed in real time. The medicine incubator uses ice box cooling, and the outside temperature can be maintained at 30°C for 2-8 degrees for more than 24 hours.

Real-time display of GPRS drug incubator with temperature:

1, the outer box is equipped with LCD display, rechargeable cycle

2, can remotely view real-time temperature data

3, temperature limit real-time SMS notification alarm, platform forecast

4, real-time record and real-time GPRS upload temperature information data

5, platform system statistics management reports, relevant data reports can be downloaded and exported

Third, hazardous chemicals transport GPS electronic seal system in transit supervision

The system adopts digital technology, network technology and database technology, provides the control, monitoring, remote setting, and other functions of the dispatch center to the vehicle, and can read various parameters of the vehicle. By using the vehicle dispatch monitoring system to manage vehicle operations, it can assist in distribution to achieve the following goals:

1. The work flow of the regulatory authorities tends to be more streamlined and standardized, and management tools have been strengthened.

2. Record all the trajectories of the transportation process, analyze and judge in real time or afterwards through automated process processing, greatly improve the operational efficiency and reduce labor intensity;

3. Accurate and intuitive operation trend analysis provides accurate data for the leadership decision-making level, helps leaders at all levels to accurately grasp the situation, and assists the decision-making level to formulate a correct and reasonable next-step work plan and development goals.

IV. Customs electronic lock, green lock, electronic port logistics, bonded logistics supervision, import and export airport logistics monitoring center management system

The GPS electronic lock can receive real-time in-transit information and in-transit status information of the lock through a computer software platform and a mobile WeChat APP client, real-time monitoring of vehicles in transit, and can always know the information of the logistics vehicle and perform real-time tracking and protection of the goods. At the same time, the GPS electronic lock of the vehicle can be unlocked and sealed by the mobile WeChat APP client. It is also compatible with the IC card and the computer software platform for remote wireless control. The GPS electronic lock also has an explosion-proof alarm system and can record and store related information. Operational reports, track playback, unlocking time, lock-off time and other important information.

V. Fixed-point linkage in transit information monitoring applications

This program is mainly used in customs supervision sites, self-owned logistics park distribution companies, supermarket distribution, etc. to supervise etc. The logistics park or customs supervision area has established a bayonet system to identify equipment and electronics through bayonet electronic license plates or IC cards and other bayonet interfaces. The interlocking system must be linked to the bayonet system by installing an electronic lock reader on the bayonet. Directly lock the rear door and left and right doors of the van or container vehicle with the GPS electronic lock. When passing through the bay, the electronic lock reader will seal the electronic lock. The GPS electronic lock will continuously send GPS to the platform while the vehicle is moving. The status of information and electronic lock switches allow shippers, fleet managers, and receiving parties to learn about cargo information from the platform. After the vehicle arrives at the destination bayonet, the bayonet electronic lock reader automatically unlocks the electronic lock after electronic data comparison. The receiving person can open the electronic lock directly. If the alarm requires a background administrator to confirm and view processing.

The above is related to the application fields of Jiutong Wulian intelligent electronic locks. Jiutong Wulian focuses on providing remote monitoring and management solutions for mobile assets such as logistics equipment in the segmentation of IoT applications, and is dedicated to monitoring mobile assets. And Management Solution Providers. More logistics intelligent electronic lock products related information Welcome to contact Jiutong Wulian, we will be happy to serve you.

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