what the Vehicle Tracker?

  Car Vehicle Tracker is also known as car positioning tracker, mainly car burglar anti-theft GPS positioning products. The function of the car positioning tracker generally includes SMS positioning, timing positioning, network query, remote monitoring and remote lock car.




  The special vehicle anti-theft GPS positioning is the smallest tracker, vehicle positioning tracker volume is only the size of a matchbox, free car in line, simply connect the car battery positive and negative two lines, to locate the vehicle real-time tracking of vehicles retained three months of traffic routes, the address can be print, can automatically real-time location of the vehicle. Can the time tracking record too observant of conventional standards. car, without the need of professional technicians to install, fool operation, any person 5 minutes to fix. If the target vehicle is stolen, stolen, robbed and other urgent situations, you can use mobile phone or computer to query the location of the vehicle, and track and locate the vehicle route in real time, so that you can easily find the car and catch the gangster.




  SMS location: sending SMS G password directly to the device card number by mobile phone or PHS, the device will automatically distinguish whether the user is authorized, and automatically reply the current location information and status to user cell phone by text message.


 iming positioning: the device can report the current position information of the device regularly according to the user's preset time. Overspeed alarm: when the speed exceeds the pre set speed, the alarm sound will be issued.


  Network query: through access to the "eye of the sky" system, it can be implemented to track the current state of the vehicle and the replay of the trajectory within the set time period. Power monitoring: vehicle power is the main power, backup lithium battery power supply is secondary, when the main power is out of service, it will text messages to remind users, and automatically enable backup power supply. One button alarm: in emergency, emergency alarm button for 3 seconds, the device will automatically send a default number to send SMS and call, get help.


  Remote monitoring: the authorized number can be dialed at any time to monitor the sound around the vehicle in real time. Remote control: remote control and release through a million group of password levels.


  Remote lock car: sending messages to the device by SMS, making vehicle disconnect the circuit / circuit command can control the vehicle oil circuit and circuit to achieve the purpose of locking the car.

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