What is smart logistics? What''s the use of it?

  What is smart logistics? What's the use of it?


smart logistics

Intelligent logistics refers to the integration of intelligent technology, through the logistics system to simulate human thinking, inference ability to solve logistics problems, then what is the use of intelligent logistics?, by tracking management from logistics source, realize information flow faster than the actual flow, can be through the sensor, the mobile communication technology for distribution of goods, automation information and network.


  What is the direction of the development of intelligent logistics?


  The future development of intelligent logistics will reflect four characteristics: intelligent, integrated and hierarchical, flexible and socialized. A large number of intelligent management and decision-making in the logistics process; logistics management as the core, realize the process of logistics transportation, storage, packaging, handling and other aspects of the hierarchical integration and intelligent logistics system; real-time monitoring of cargo transportation logistics way status and change.


  Therefore, the core of intelligent logistics is launched by Long Tong Electronics: cold chain logistics monitoring system, which integrates powerful computer room monitoring software with abundant monitoring and acquisition devices. It is suitable for the real-time monitoring of cold chain transportation in the food industry.

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