ntelligent Trailer positioning management terminal

 The logistics industry is booming, but also bring enormous business opportunities, the logistics monitoring system is an important component part of the trailer is a trailer for logistics, monitoring is very important, for a long time through intelligent positioning Trailer management terminal IOT development, can be effective for monitoring the trailer, logistics escort.


  Characteristics of intelligent Trailer positioning management terminal


  First, intelligent power management


  Intelligent power management, save power, improve the length of the terminal.


  Two. Solar charging


  Solar energy can be used to increase the length of charge


  Three. Large capacity battery


  Provide large capacity battery, up to three years standby


  Four, container status detection


  Real time detection of container position and switch state


  Five. Protection grade IP67


  Protection level up to IP67, dust inhalation protection, temporary immersion protection


  Logistics electronic lock


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