Application of GPS module in logistics electronic lock

The logistics electronic lock is a kind of security protection equipment which integrates GPS positioning, wireless network communication and RFID technology. It is mainly used in the monitoring of mobile property or articles. Such as logistics, transport vehicles and ports, container terminals. The logistics electronic lock can be located in real time through the GPS module and wireless communication module, and the location information is transmitted to the remote monitoring terminal to facilitate the control of the current state of the goods and prevent theft.

The hardware of the electronic lock logistics usually consists of the main part of GPS module, wireless communication module and RFID module, the GPS module mainly to tracking and positioning, and the wireless communication module is to monitor and control end communication between the "bridge", is responsible for sending and receiving position information of the remote control instruction. Once the position or route change, the control system can give timely warning information to the control terminal of early warning, and then by the monitoring terminal according to the actual situation to take appropriate measures to deal with.

JT701 is a tool for intelligent management of mobile asset tracking lock, it has key free design, remote unlocking RFID/; large capacity battery, long working time; the built-in wireless module, real-time online monitoring; built-in GPS module, GPS tracking; safety monitoring, illegal unlocking alarm function. It is suitable for remote monitoring of container, flatbed truck, box type freight car management, etc..

JT701 has the following features:

1, real-time tracking

2 、 free key design, RFID/ remote unlocking

3, large capacity batteries, long working hours

4, built-in wireless module, real-time online monitoring

5, built-in GPS module, global positioning tracking

6, security monitoring, illegal unlocking alarm

Hisamichi Wulian (Jointech) and belongs to the logistics of electronic lock, cold chain transport container monitoring, remote monitoring, taking concrete vehicle scheduling management, fuel consumption monitoring and management, monitoring and management of mobile assets is the industry's leading solution providers and operators.

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