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Jointechintelligent electronic lock JT701 was popular at home and abroad since itslaunch. So today we're going to show you, what are the attractions of the intelligentelectronic locks that are so popular today?

Intelligent electronic lock JT701is a kind of electronic lock which could been used for containertracking, Customs container monitoring, refrigerated truck transportmonitoring, logistics and transport monitoring and mobile assets. It has a free key design, RFID/remote unlock; large-capacity battery,long working time; built-in wireless module, real-time online monitoring;built-in GPS modules, GPS tracking; safety monitoring illegal lock alarmfunctions. For containers, refrigerated trucks, flatbed and other remotemonitoring and management.

InJune, 2016, our JT701 was chosen as innovative products at global sources onmagazine covers, and recommended to customers around the world for a long timethrough the intelligent electronic lock JT701.


Intelligent electronic lock JT701 is Jointech patented product, which hadmade a related appearance and software copyright!

Intelligent electronic lock JT701 had obtained third party certificationaudit and confirmed.

The performance testing and certification of Intelligent electronic lockJT701, including: cyclic salt spray test (that is, corrosion resistance test),waterproof performance, lock rope pull tests, shear alarm test, high and lowtemperature test.

——Posted inHong Kong Electronics fair——

Intelligent electronic lock JT701 attracted ahuge response since the first release in Hong Kong Fair.

India and New Zealand customer's visit, thanks to a famousIndian Internet company CEO to our company to discuss international advancedtechnology concepts.

Jordanian customs officials Mr. MOHAMMED FAWZISULAIMAN SHABIB and eight-member engineers visit personally to do site testingof our intelligent electronic lock JT701.

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