Role of mobile asset tracker


  With the development of society, the mobile location tracking has attracted more and more attention, both in the old people and children, or the personnel safety of the precious asset tracking management and other fields, is the potential market for mobile positioning and tracking.

  In order to realize mobile location tracking, it is necessary to push forward with many layers, such as terminal equipment, mobile communication network and management platform. In the terminal equipment, smart wristbands, watches and other wearable products can now achieve limited functionality, simple applications homogenization greatly restrict the development of the industry, therefore, need mobile positioning function to enrich the application of the product; in the mobile communication network, the traditional 3G 4G network, high power consumption, high price many users involved, with some low power wide area network technology, provides the basis for the realization of large-scale mobile positioning.

  Location function of mobile asset tracker

  Real time positioning is an important function of asset management, we know that only the traditional two-dimensional code or RFID means to monitor the items in a particular place, can not meet the real-time position monitoring function of assets, and for mobile asset tracking technology at the expense of the data transmission rate of a set, but retained the mobile location LTE technology, this is the very good comprehensive characteristics of the two aspects of low power consumption and mobile positioning.

  Asset tracking is a market that can not be ignored, the number of connections is large enough, the application scene is enough, so to attract a large number of enterprises in this field layout, low power consumption and wide area network is an open networking key to the world, can be more convenient to achieve massive data connection, when the two meet that will produce what kind of spark?

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