Typical application of GPS logistics electronic lock

GPS intelligent logistics electronic lock product is GPS/GPRS/ NFC or UHF mobile communication terminal based on RFID/ technology, is a kind of safety testing security equipment installed in the container or van logistics transport the box door.


  GPS intelligent logistics electronic lock is suitable for all kinds of logistics transport vehicles, in conjunction with GPS electronic lock online monitoring platform, real-time location, electronic lock in transit real-time remote monitoring state and can control the on / off function, and are made of high strength aluminum alloy lock body can monitor the logistics transport vehicles can prevent theft.


  Typical application of GPS intelligent logistics electronic lock:


  Especially suitable for various fixed transportation routes of social mobility transport vehicles or containers, free installation, directly hang GPS electronic lock can be realized in the way of real-time monitoring, especially suitable for the logistics industry of the goods in transit monitoring;


  Can also be used for mobile device regulation. Suitable for model G series of electronic lock products, including G-400FE (GPS/GPRS/NFC), G-460FE (GPS/GPRS/UHF).


  Hisamichi GPS intelligent logistics joint production of electronic lock, which can be widely used in logistics, warehousing, milk truck, truck, refrigerated trucks, drug transport, tobacco transportation and other fields, to ensure the safety of the goods transport or storage.

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