The jointech cold chain logistics

       Cold chain logistics refers to the refrigerated and frozen food sales in the production, storage and transportation, and to all aspects of the consumer is always in front of the low temperature required to ensure food quality, reduce food losses in a system engineering. With the development of science and technology and the development of refrigeration technology, it is a low temperature logistics process based on refrigeration technology and refrigeration technology.

  Scope of application of cold chain logistics

  Applications include: primary agricultural products: vegetables, fruits; meat, poultry, eggs; aquatic products, flower products. Processed foods: frozen food, poultry, meat, aquatic packaging cooked food; ice cream, dairy products, chocolate, fast food ingredients. Special commodity: drugs, etc..

  Cold chain logistics value of cold chain logistics

  1 to extend the fresh storage period

  Than ordinary general refrigerated 1 to several times, storage to the appropriate price listed for sale, access to high profits

  2 reduce the amount of product loss

  Control fresh temperature through circulation, reduce microbial growth and food spoilage, reduce wastage

  3 shelf life extension

  Through the gas conditioning method, inhibit the fruit and vegetable postharvest respiratory state, so as to achieve fruit and vegetable preservation effect

  4 adjust the temperature and humidity

  Through the gas regulating method, the fresh in the library is dormant, and the original quality is remained after the storehouse is released.

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