Jointech container tracker system

  Container Tracker


  Do you still consider the safety of your container,your cargo?Just have a look of Jointech container GPS tracking solution first,to choose the best monitoring solution for your fleet management.

  Jointech container tracker system provides a very convenient&easy way of tracking the current location of containers with your cargo by using Jointech intelligent container GPS tracker.With RFID card/tag by users,

  you could monitor your container remotely and real-time,which could keep safe for your mobile assets.


  Intelligent Lock Container Tracker with advanced features,such as:Unique design,unlock with RFID/SMS password.Big capacity battery which can work long time;Built-in GSM module,could monitor online remotely;With built-in GPS module,global positioning real-time;Safety monitoring,an alert will happen for illegal unlocking.Could better monitor container and cargo.

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