Container real-time online monitoring

  At present, there are many problems in container transportation. This is not only conducive to play the advantages of container transport efficient, convenient, and bring serious test container transportation safety. This will need to change the way that the container transport, it is the use of electronic tag technology real-time on-line monitoring technology, kind of container tracker.

  Traditional artificial type seals, container seals is it for container cargo security can play a protective role and simple status records, but it is not in real time to provide specific state changes (destruction) of information time, place and vandals.

  So in order to realize real-time online monitoring the container transport function must have a certain technical support, it is container electronic tag technology. RFID radio frequency identification (RFID) is to give the container loaded on the "electronic lock", after packing container from the factory, every link to the destination electronic tags will record the time and place of arrival. And container real-time status, can through the wireless LAN, mobile networks and the Internet query.

  Container and goods information contained in the process of container transportation, it includes the container and cargo tracking, management and scheduling information, general can be divided into two categories: location information as well as the container and cargo status information. The so-called location information refers to the location of the container in the process of transportation and the static and dynamic information. Such as container yard, goods distribution center and container entry time, container stacking area, three-dimensional position in the stacking area, container ship stowage information and so on. Status information includes: the classification of the container, container, container loading and unloading, the destination, origin, time of arrival, container maintenance, loading and unloading box job information and so on.

  In the whole case goods, for example, the actual operation process is: the consignor, empty container transportation, packing, loading port container terminal yard - bridge hoisting vessel - sea transport, destination port container terminal, bridge crane empty containers, container terminal yard, consignee - discharging return shipments in the whole process of container transportation information in the electronic label including: container return, size, condition, location and extraction time, the container cargo of the information (quantity, packing, loading and unloading time, etc.), also include the time and place of container loading and unloading ships and maritime transport information, etc. Through every stage of transportation, head of the information is written to the electronic label.

  Staff in the point of using the label content for the first time, after reading the container of all information, can through the wireless local area network (LAN) and GPRS/CDMA public uploaded to the Internet. Since then, with an electronic tag container wharf crossing or by bridge hoist lifting ship, fixed his reading and writing, can read the latest data, and upload to the Internet, in the first time until the container arrive at the destination port, the goods handed over to the owner's hand. In this process, the ship company, owner, the owner, ports, customs, commodity inspection and other services object can inquire on the net container status in real time. Electronic tags can be open information, record the container every time can distinguish whether illegally open at the same time.

  The relevant interests people as long as the case number in the query page, the container detailed query results can be clear at a glance, including the case of cargo, level, temperature, the number of dangerous goods, etc. At the same time, when the container into the port of shipment, when discharging port, such as dynamic information can also be clearly displayed on the Internet. And the key is particularly, even the customs unpacking check, same meeting record. In the whole logistics process, if the container is opened illegally, electronic tags will automatically record the "invasion", and on the web page display red alarm signal, the container as is equipped with a conscientious "electronic sentry". So you can easily determine the party, to avoid the disputes due to uncertain responsibility and unnecessary economic losses.

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