Cold chain monitoring process, what to pay attention?

  Cold chain refers to perishable food after the acquisition of origin or from fishing in product processing, storage, transportation, distribution and retail, until the hands of consumers, all aspects of its product remains under the low temperature environment necessary to ensure food quality and safety, reduce losses, prevent the special supply chain contamination.

         First, the cold chain transport requirements, generally speaking, can be divided into four categories:

  ① quick Express. ② Handle gently. ③ heat antifreeze. ④ smooth transport.

  Second, the process of monitoring the cold chain transport, what to pay attention?

  1. cold chain during transportation must rely on frozen or refrigerated and other special vehicles, special vehicles, frozen or refrigerated trucks in addition to a group of the same body and mechanical addition, you must set an additional freezer or refrigerator and insulation equipment in the car.

  2. Pay special attention during transport must be continuous refrigeration, because microbial activity and respiration are strengthened with increasing temperature, if not all sectors of transport to ensure continuous refrigeration conditions, it is possible in this cargo session began spoiled.

  3. during transport, should be based on the type of goods, transport season, shipping distance and local transport to determine the method of transport. During transport, try to organize "door to door" direct transportation, increasing the speed of transportation, the temperature should be in compliance.

  One last point: in order to maintain the temperature of refrigerated frozen goods, the required ventilation can close stacking of goods, fruit, vegetables, etc., must retain a certain gap between the shipment to ensure the integrity of the goods.

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