Features Of Container Monitoring System

Container transport as the main mode of transport modern, international freight occupy 90% share. In order to ensure safe transportation of goods, Container Tracker is essential. Container monitoring system which functions?

(1) System features:

Tracking: the logistics can be tracked according to the way the container mounted on the door seal electronic information management.

Query: can query the container at any time (such as inbound and outbound data field time, number, container number and other information, etc.).

Review: You can tag number corresponding container basic information to be modified.

Delete: the completed container transport tasks to delete information.

(2) System features:

1. High speed: maximum recognition speed up to 200 km / h.

2. Security: Embedded GPRS wireless communication module, real-time understanding of goods transport situation, the first time informed of an abnormal situation; encryption and authentication to ensure data security and prevent link eavesdropping and data to crack.

3. directivity: in the reader effectively identify the range, the electronic blockade placement direction has no effect on the recognition rate.

4. High reliability: -40 ℃ -85 ℃, anti-shock.

5. Cost of: all 0.18uM chips at a lower cost.

6. Power: The ultra-low power, healthier and safer.

7. Transfer: the global open ISM microwave band, no need to apply and pay.

8. High noise immunity: on-site sources of interference no special requirements.

Container remote monitoring system has strong environmental adaptability, anti-interference ability, all-weather use, almost free from pollution and the effects of humidity and fast recognition speed, high recognition accuracy, these features make the container automatic identification technology best choice.

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