Cold chain monitoring role

Cold chain transportation is the most important transport temperature control process, we usually called: cold chain monitoring so cold chain monitoring What is the function of how long to achieve things together through your analysis?:

First, monitor the effectiveness of cold chain transport:

Temperature monitoring of transport links in the case of temperature records have documented and product temperature, stop priority retroactive adoption case temperature. Temperature measurement and record of the case of dispute, dating back to stop by checking product temperature. After the completion of the cold chain transport services, in accordance with the requirements of cold chain transport demand side, the supply of transport in the process of temperature information recorded.

Second, how to monitor the cold chain transport complete:

Take cold chain monitoring platform and production hardware temperature sensor, a combination of methods, reached by car screen monitoring throughout the cold chain, cold chain records, data printing and other effects.

Cold chain monitoring platform has the following features:

(1) complete the transport side, the storage side, the shipper, recipient of goods, national regulators and other parties in a timely manner the whole cold chain monitoring to ensure the quality of the transport of goods.

(2) reduce the cold chain business into cold chain system.

(3) to enhance the efficiency of logistics cold chain enterprises, the provision of transport vehicle scheduling.

(4), complete with supervision and traceability system timely connection, a clear responsibility for food safety, cold chain reduce business risk.

(5) to enhance cold chain corporate brand image, to change the traditional way of spending, so that enterprises in the industry more competitive.

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