Function GPS fuel monitoring system

  Fuel management has been the logistics, passenger transport company owner cost control problems. With the rapid rise in oil prices, oil management issues are more noteworthy. GPS vehicle fuel consumption monitoring and management can effectively solve this problem, let's take a look at the GPS vehicle fuel consumption monitoring system What are the features?

  A, gps fuel consumption monitoring system equipment works: by the relative percentage of fuel sensor signal acquisition continuously, with the calibration algorithm, which was converted into the corresponding volume information, to achieve the fuel tank monitoring, combined with GPS systems, too known vehicle travel state, through a certain logic to obtain information on the vehicle fuel consumption, fuel consumption information and other abnormalities.

  Finally, through the GPRS network, the data package sent to the specified server, fuel consumption monitoring system installed a customized fuel consumption monitoring platform, it will be analyzed and classified data, allowing users to clearly understand the position information of the vehicle and fuel consumption.

  Two, GPS GPS manufacturers in the management and analysis software by showing vehicle speed and the oil level of the coordinates of the curve, to determine whether the Touyou. If the GPS speed is 0, that is, the car stopped, then the oil level has decreased significantly, which is likely to be stolen out of oil.

  Third, the long-pass fuel GPS monitoring and management system has the following three outstanding features

  1. tube oil - in the whole process of moving vehicle mileage, fuel consumption and the locus of recording and so can not be false.

  2. Pipe car - easy to easily manage vehicles, vehicle movements at a glance, a permanent record of the vehicle lane track, parking time and place.

  3. Tube drivers - vehicle monitoring and management to run the whole way, do not worry about the driver pull private living, lazy, false charges.

  About GPS vehicle fuel consumption monitoring system problems which features, truck fuel consumption monitor manufacturers for everyone to explain here, we can achieve a good position monitoring and management of vehicles with fuel consumption data through GPS monitoring system, saving time and effort, modern An efficient monitoring and management system must be equipped with transportation.

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