Container remote monitoring program——【Jointech】

Container transport than other modes of transport has irreplaceable advantages, such as: low transport costs, privacy is good, strong adaptability and so on. But these excellent properties are inseparable from a full Container Tracker, let's take a look:

First, container monitoring programs need to be resolved:

1. The device is not an external power supply, the device self-powered time.

2. Install difficulties.

3. The door status monitoring issues.

4. reefer temperature monitoring problems.

5. asset preservation problems.

6. trailers, trailers, box matching.

7. Transnational monitoring traffic costs.

Second, the container monitoring programs need to achieve what purpose:

1. The use of real-time monitoring technology will be the entire shipping industry will have a profound impact, especially for container transport real-time online monitoring and management. Which is more significant impact on shipping companies, shippers, terminals, yards and relevant government departments.

2. For purposes of shipping companies, container transport process becomes transparent, controllable, thus saving shipping company operating costs, improve competitiveness, improve service level of the entire industry.

3. For the owner, the production plan will be able to arrange more compact, more rational utilization of funds will also be greatly improved.

Jiutong Things container monitoring program, the use of electronic tags in real-time online monitoring technology, the containers in and out of port, when yard, and the control center in real time relevant information and data exchange, thus effectively managing container, which greatly improved, Container handling and customs clearance efficiency, is a very good choice!

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