What is the cold chain monitoring?

       Many places require cold chain transport, especially in recent years, the rapid development of the logistics industry, the demand for cold chain transport constantly increasing, this time cold chain monitoringis very important, then what is the cold chain monitoring? Jiutong things together for you to explain:

What is the cold chain monitoring?

  Want to know what is the cold chain monitoring, we start with the cold chain began to explain. Cold chain is a device with a dedicated logistics network, designed to ensure the quality of food, medicines, allowed always at a low temperature state. Cold chain transport technology currently there are three: mobile refrigeration technology, insulation technology and cold chain monitoring system.

  Read here, I believe we have a good understanding, cold chain transport monitoring, it is a kind of cold chain transport process monitoring, surveillance management system, currently on the market more used are: temperature sensors, RFID, GPS and software management system.  In the cold chain, the temperature in the refrigerated transport -5-15 ℃ is mainly used for frozen foods moving lose; 0-10 ℃ temperature in refrigerated transport primarily for the transport of biological products; temperature 0-20 ℃, mainly used for a given constant temperature heat food moving lose more.

  Cold chain monitoring range mainly in the following sectors:

  1, engaged in disease research institutions molecular typing

  2, the national and local disease sample library management organizations and agencies

  3, all kinds of tissue, blood and other laboratory sample management

  4, disease control centers across the country, hospitals, blood centers, health and epidemic prevention center, quarantine and inspection center.

  5, research institutes laboratory experiments Specimen Management

  6, processed foods: frozen food, poultry, meat, aquatic products and other packaging cooked food, ice cream and dairy products; fast-food raw materials.

  We used some of the food in the transport process due to the long-term preservation can not be discarded, there is now cold chain monitoring system, the implementation of refrigerated trucks temperature monitoring, you can save a lot of resources and avoid waste. Cold chain management includes many risks and uncertainties, choose a practical cold chain monitoring system is very necessary.

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