Improve Leadship and Execution, Promote Team Philosophy- 2013 Outdoor training of Jointech

The annually outdoor training finished successfully, even it only has two days, we got so many inspiration and rich experience, it must become the spiritual wealth in our life forever. Let us know we have to try our best to work to get the top of our career. The outdoor training mixed with sweat and tears, pain and laughter together, all the colleagues worked together to finis the difficult task with 3 teams, we became stronger and stronger,just like in our daily work, conquer ourself again and again.

Fighting spirit- If you wanna be a leader, you must lead yourself to be a better man first.

Devil and angel- Dare to break through and challenge themselves all the time.

Roll call in simulative  battary- Effective communication and collaboration, Manage and implement our goals.

Hell on Earth- We have to realize our full potential,and team potential is more huge.


     The outdoor training was over this time,but everyone won the devil in the deep heart, and we became fearless from extreme fear at the begining, especially we had more sense about team-work and cooperation, I believe every one leared much from conquering self ,and we must apply the spirit in every day to make Jointech stronger and stronger.

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